A 24 year old girl, who graduated from Parahyangan University, Bandung, Indonesia, majoring in International Relations. It is because of her major that made her wants to travel many places, especially Indonesia. Inspite of her love in traveling, she took the opportunity to begin her journey while studying in college.

Her love for traveling started in 2011 when she joined a student exchange program to Vietnam. At that time, it was her first time traveling alone, exploring the wonderful Ho Chi Minh City. Her favorite destination is Bali, Indonesia and Kyoto, Japan. Now she is currently living in her favorite destination, Bali.

As time went by, she is already planning to travel to her next destination and is looking forward to share her adventure with everyone. She is hoping that this blog could help other fellow travelers on their journey especially in Indonesia.

Also she is a part of Travel Bloggers Indonesia.

Travel Bloggers Indonesia (TBI) is a community of Indonesian travelers who manage their blogs to share information on various interesting destinations in Indonesia. TBI’s members have so far been selected based on the spirit they show through each blog, the level of usefulness and uniqueness of the information they provide, as well as their aptitude in presenting the information through text, audio, and/or visual.